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 Life throws us curve balls. In the form of trauma, depression, anxiety or life shifts. All of these curve balls leave a mark on our emotional health. For some of these events, we are able to bounce right back and move on. Others leave a lasting mark. Sometimes those marks change how we see the world, how we do relationships or even how we think about ourselves.

   In my work with individuals, I draw from various techniques and orientations. I have been trained in CBT, DBT, Narrative therapy. I believe that my clients feeling comfortable and cared for is the most important aspect of my work. Christian philosophy has strongly impacted me personally and professionally. I invite my clients to draw from that philosophy if they find it appropriate. 

   In the first few sessions,clients can expect space and freedom to tell their stories in a non judgmental environment. I invite clients to begin putting words to their discomfort. From there we start to move into a more interactive phase. During this time, clients can expect to be encouraged and challenged to be more reflective and create new ways of thinking. Together we do much processing and practicing.  Some clients are referred to class/group settings if we agree this is the best option in addition to individual sessions.

      There is also an end to therapy. I do not believe my clients need to be in lifelong therapy. Closing work with my clients has been some of the most meaningful, special interactions, during which we discuss changes and goals for future.


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