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Group Therapy 

  I think group therapy has a bad reputation. People assume they will be stuck sharing their most intimate thoughts with complete strangers against their will. This is not how I run groups. Participating in a group means we will have a topic to start with, and encourage people to share as they feel comfortable.

  There are two types of groups. The first, a process group. Process groups typically include a topic that the group discusses as we get to know each other. There is a phase of getting comfortable within the group setting, and then when clients are comfortable they share information pertinent to the topic at hand. My goal as the facilitator is to keep the group moving in a positive direction. Process groups can be run for a variety of needs, including marriage counseling. 

  The second type of group is a more structured group. I often refer to these as classes rather than groups. In this setting, I work hard to educate my clients on the topic at hand and move at a pace that typically requires homework. This type of group includes DBT. 

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